I’ve helped dozens of friends and family with advice on travel, award bookings, credit cards, and loyalty programs.  Some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had was hearing about how they were able to take a dream vacation or get enough cashback to make a home renovation.   Here are some of their actual testimonials:

I knew there was a lot to gain from opening the right credit cards and all that, but never had the time to do the work and research myself. What limited knowledge I had had gotten me a free flight or two over the years, and to be honest, most of me thought I was doing a pretty good job – I read the blogs, I followed my quarterly categories, I was loyal to a few brands. But I knew in my gut there was more to be gained from it all.
Turns out I had only hit the tip of the iceberg. Jason captains the Carpathia. There was SO MUCH out there that I was unaware of, and Jason put together the right recommendations for me in no time – a plan that would have taken me months of research and trial-and-error was presented in a simple and easy to follow process and I reached my goal of getting to three European countries (in business class, of course) in only a few months’ time. I would have never taken the trip otherwise! And let me tell you – the upper class lounges in Europe let you pour your own drinks.
Sure, I could have cobbled together some plan of 2% rewards points to pay for a flight or two (I took 6) and finding a hotel where I had a few free nights saved up (certainly not 7) – but I absolutely would have spent significantly more on the trip, and his rates were far below the cost savings I gained working with him.
And it’s not all about travel. If you just want to start a nest egg without taking on a 2nd job – he’s got you there, too.
And one last point – something I learned from Jason in the process. When you’re comfortable traveling… when you have lounge access, and a seat on your flight that fully reclines, and a flight attendant waiting on your every need, early boarding, shorter security lines, et cetera – your vacation starts when you reach the airport, not when you reach your destination. Just think about that for a minute. That’s essentially two more days of vacation, and two less days you dread. How much would you pay for two additional, care-free days added to your trip? That alone makes working with him absolutely worth it.  -B.M.

“Jason not only gives you invaluable advice for accumulating points/miles in order to drastically cut (or even eliminate) travel costs, but he empowers you and excites you to get involved in the game.  You’ll be eager to talk about and plan out your future credit card plans.

Whether you are trying to plan a short-term trip, or you just want to collect points/miles to plan for a big future trip, Jason will help you get you where you want to be.  With Jason’s help, my wife and I have been able to travel to international locations I thought I’d never be able to afford to travel to…and mostly in style in Business or First Class!
In addition, the benefits are not just for traveling.  Jason will also give you general cashback tips and tricks that can help you accumulate real cash for adding to your savings or just giving you some extra spending money on your trips.  Over the last year and a half, with the advice from Jason, the amount of cash I’ve been able to add to my Savings has been phenomenal.  It’s really helped me solidify my financial position and has given me flexibility for me and my family’s future without too much effort on my part.” -M.M.

“Jason has been able to set us up for some amazing vacations, both big and small, over the past 3 years. He has been spot on with his recommendations, ranging from the appropriate credit cards to open to which hotels to book in cities around the globe, and was able to book award flights I didn’t know were possible. Thanks to Jason’s assistance, we have traveled  to 5 countries in Europe and numerous domestic cities at a greatly reduced cost. I would recommend Jason without any reservation to anyone looking for ways to save money traveling, earn some extra money or just save money with everyday expenses.” – N.F.

“I’ve used Jason for a variety of trips over the years – from a honeymoon in Hawaii where we flew first class and stayed in an upgraded room for a week, to weekend getaways booked on a moments notice, Jason does a great job with both long and short term travel planning. I never book a trip without consulting him first.” – O.H.

I welcome all feedback, so please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

Lead image: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto, Japan; July 2013