Who I am… and what we can do together

About Jason

Born and raised (and currently residing) in the Nickel City – Buffalo, NY – travel has always been an important part of my life.  This was instilled in me by my parents and uncles, who taught me the value of learning new cultures first hand.  It was through traveling that I met my wife; fittingly we became engaged on a trip to Malaysia, and got married on a destination wedding in Aruba.  We recently welcomed our first child in 2016, and I am very excited to teach him to love all the things I love: my hometown, the Buffalo Bills, loyalty and credit card programs, and (of course) all things travel.

What makes this different from other blogs

Commercial blogs make their money by recommending credit cards that pay the most referral money to them.  They don’t care about you and they don’t answer to you: you are not their customer, their bank affiliates are.

Typically the credit cards they recommend are not the best offers available, and frequently the best credit cards are overlooked in favor of cards that pay them a commission.  You cannot trust if the advice they give is truly in your best interest.  Additionally, everyone’s credit profile and goals are different; and the one-size-fits all recommendations of commercial blogs are not tailored to you.

The advice I will give to you will be matched with your individual situation and your individual goals – whether it be international first class, domestic coach, or cash back.  I pledge that my recommendations and advice will be free from any impairments and 100% in your best interest.

Applying for the wrong credit cards can cost you thousands of dollars in forgone rewards.   Redeeming points the wrong way can be equally as damaging.  Take a look at my services to see what I can do for you.

A word about credit

Before I make any recommendation, I will discuss with you the potential effect it would have on your credit report.  While the act of opening a new credit card alone does not materially lower your credit score in the long run, there are real risks and costs if you do not manage your credit responsibly – which I will help you avoid.

Lead image: Sitting outside the Rock Church in Helsinki, Finland; May 2016