Yearly Subscription – $249.05

I will be by your side for one year on your “rewarding” journey.  Together we will determine a path that best fits your circumstances and goals.  During the year I will help recommend new credit cards, notify you of new deals as they become available,  and answer any questions you may have.  Subscription service includes award searches and recommendations, with full-service award booking available at a discounted rate. Over the course of a year, the right credit strategy can easily yield you thousands of dollars in rewards – don’t leave this money on the table!

Beginner Consultation – $79.05

For someone just starting in the credit card game.  We will discuss the current state of the credit card industry and how to make it work for you.  Discussion topics include: credit scores, current deals, tips and tricks of the major credit issuers, and how to avoid the common pitfalls.  A personal credit recommendation, tailored to your circumstances, is also provided.

Intermediate Consultation – $79.05

A consultation tailored to the topic of your choosing:

  • Guide to manufactured spending – how to spend money without really spending money.
  • The mechanics of award bookings – tips and tricks to get the most of your rewards.
  • Credit card recommendations – have a specific trip in mind?  I can tell you what credit cards will get you there and how to book it.
  • Cash back and bank bonuses – how to maximize cash back from reward cards and bank bonuses.
  • General advice – any topic of your choosing, from credit card questions to travel recommendations… nothing is off the table.

Self-Service Award Booking – $79.05

Booking an award can be a frustrating process, from deciphering convoluted award rules to finding award seats on the airlines’ websites.  I will perform award searches of all the airlines available to you and present you with all the options you have available.  All that’s left is for you to choose your flights and book your award.

Full-Service Award Booking – $149.05

Want to avoid dealing with clueless phone agents when booking your dream vacation?  We will coordinate on an itinerary together and I will handle all aspects of the booking – from finding the award seats to booking the award to coordinating your meal selection.  If I can’t book your award you won’t pay a penny. Note: cost does not include any taxes or fees charged by airline (which will be disclosed prior to booking).

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All services can be purchased as a gift for friend or family.

Please contact via the contact page to sign up for any of these services.  

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